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Update: 12/17/20 Puppies – 1st photo of the night at 10:22PM 12/17/20.


Love is pregnant! Love, female GSD.



Dam: Love Vielma Von Falconhorse

Sire: Hill Srdce Bohemie (Z Jirkova Dvora) from Jinopo kennels in Czech Republic.


Love – http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2683087-love-vielma-von-falconhurse

Hill -http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2770337-hill-srdce-perly-bohemie

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Working Line Solid Black and Sable German Shepherds!

Prestigious Working line imports from the Czech Republic. World best Bloodline/Pedigree, POHRANICINI STRAZE. We also have Champion working lines that are Czech/DDR and West German/Czech Pedigree. Both Pedigrees are AKC certified.

Our working line dogs are bred specifically for excellent health, strong physique, great nerves, high drive, determination, courage and great social skills.

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