4 weeks old – Puppies on A-Frame Agility Ramp! “King of the hill” 4-26-18



Agility courses are a great training and exercise tool for puppies!

Purpose:  It increases dog’s athletic ability and stamina, while strengthening the team communication between handler and canine.

A-frame – Just what the name implies. The dog goes up the incline, over the top and down the other side.

Your dog must trust in you. Agility your dog fulfill it’s natural instincts (ie. climb, run fast, squeeze through narrow spaces, etc). Agility is good mental stimulation for your dog, following commands and navigating equipment.  Agility helps establish better communication between you and your dog.

Agility training is a sport and a great way to give your dog plenty of exercise and stimulation to keep his mind and body healthy. ♡





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