The puppies had their shots today!

Screenshot_20180510-214507I think the puppies are feeling ready to go to their new homes? 😁  I feel like they are so eager to learn and interact. I hope the new owners have a obedience training in mind. I recorded a little bit today so you can actually see just how eager these puppies want to learn something new.

I bring them in the house one-by-one just so they can hang out and have the experience of being an indoor dog at times and start to learn how to hold their pee and poo.  We are not sure whether the new owners will have the dogs mainly indoors or outdoors but at least they will be used to both environments.

I didn’t get a recording today of all the puppies together because we were focused on completing their shots. They got their shots today 5/10/18, they did great! They didn’t even cry or squirm at all! I bought them a new toy today, a crinkly little mouse, and they were all fighting for it! 😉


Red is super smart! Today, his favorite play partner with orange.  Red is active, playful and so loving! He has really good eye contact, always observing, and he’s a joy to be around!

Orange is really sweet.  Orange was enjoying playing with the new crinkly Mouse toy. Orange and yellow were talking at it against green and red.

Yellow was full of energy tonight! I don’t even think I could have got a recording if I tried! Lol. She was going up and down the ramp with no problem.

Green was the most hyper of them all! Both ears are straight up! Tonight she didn’t seem to want to sit still, it’s the cutest thing! I asked them to sit and they all sit but green wants to do move on to do the next interactive thing!  If I was just to describe green, she was prancing around like a little billy goat tonight!

Blue and some very strong! I feel like he is all muscle!  He is a great eater. It seems like the other puppies really respect blue.

Purple is so sweet! He is a great balance of a sweet and playful. Today he took his shots so well and kept trying to give us kisses!

Brown is so handsome! I feel like every time we look at him, we say how handsome he is!  He gives you the cutest puppy eyes! He also took his shots very well.

Pink is so chill! She took her shots with no problems at all. She is very playful and then she also likes to relax.  She sort of Jess observed all the puppies running around with hyper energy and then joins in for a bit.

Gray has a name, her name is August.  She is the one featured in the video for today. (Below).  She is very smart! She started off being the smallest front and now she is starting to gain weight! I see her confidence growing every day! I found her at the top of the ramp today! She was standing up there with yellow!  She is very interactive and just wants to hang out.

♡ puppies.

I bring them in one-by-one just so they can hang out and have the experience of being an indoor dog at times.  Can you tell where she prefers to be this evening? Lol







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